Sunday, June 5, 2011

5 Tips to Help You Get More Website Traffic

There are a wide range of ways to get more traffic to your website and a lot of the things you can do are actually quite simple. So much of the time, individuals seem to think that getting their name out there is a long and tough process but it truly is just something that take patience and consistency. Once you have the basics down, all of these things we are about to discuss are going to become second nature to you so it won’t feel like work at all.

Search Engine Optimization

While focusing on what search engines are looking for is important, the rules are always changing and it can prove to be quite difficult to keep up. Typically, the most important thing to remember is to stay organized. Make your website easy to navigate and properly title and file your information. Always add keywords, not only so search engines can find things easier but so your audience can as well. Focus more on those who are going to be visiting your site than search engines. Go to Google, Bing and Yahoo for the latest Search Engine Optimization tips to brush up on the latest changes and you should be all set.

Offer Your Audience Something Unique

In order to be a successful website owner, you must offer something that people are looking for. Whether that is content such as tips on how to keep your garden thriving, or services; make sure you are giving your audience something that they are looking for. One great way to see if a site like yours has already been created is to use the Google Keyword Tool. This tool allows you to type in keywords or key phrases and get a glimpse into just how much competition you are up against on the web. If you can find a way to tweak your niche or field so that you have a smaller number of competitors, then you are making the whole process that much easier for yourself.

Social Networking: An Easy Way to Get Attention

Social Networking Sites are extremely popular these days. They are a great platform not only for personal use but business use as well. Twitter and Facebook are two of the most commonly used options. Twitter makes it simple to connect with people by posting 160 character snippets, while Facebook allows you to create Fan Pages for your website which allows people to easily find you. Facebook advertising is an amazing way to target only the people you want to; whether it be by age group, or likes and interests.

Other sites to consider using are Stumble Upon, Digg, Delicious and Pinterest. These are all fantastic ways to get your name out there and allow more people access to what it is you have to offer. Every time you make a change or have something special going on with your website, it is a good idea to post the news to all of these websites.

Show Consistency and Simplicity

Consistency is important when it comes to running any website. Update your content on a regular basis and post content that is of high quality. You want to focus on both quality and quantity with your website. Do not ever throw information together, because your visitors are going to be able to pick up on this. Show them that you care about what you are doing and that is going to shine through your work. If you feel rushed on a regular basis, then do what you can to adjust your schedule so you have time to truly focus on the task at hand and not begin to feel overwhelmed or as though you just have to post something even when you don’t have much to say.

When it comes to your website’s design, keep it simple; yet interesting. People who come to your site are typically going to be in a hurry and if they cannot easily find their way around within the first few seconds of stopping by; it is very likely that they will move on to the next website. Put special attention on your organization such as the links on your main page and make it easy for people to see where they need to go to contact you in case they have any questions.

Guest Posting

Check out websites similar to yours and show your expertise. Comment on forums, blogs and websites that are related to your niche and give advice. If you’re able to, have a link to your website in your signature so people that see your high quality information and are interested are able to find out what it is you do.

Getting people to come to your website naturally is the best way to get traffic and maintain it. What you are looking for is repeat visitors. These are those who are going to bring you in the most business; not only their own business but the business of their friends and family members.

Good Luck!

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